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iPhone X 256 GB

iPhone X 256 Gb very clean and neat Perfectly working without any issue Plz inbox me if interested FB: https://www.facebook.com/hassan.timou.758?fref=gs&__tn__=%2CdC-R-R&eid=ARAvdv7pZ5Ehcge0fZxgjKz6I8UXo0hjfKzbx0YU7Ncm3dBf9OPm5v-Fy7BEN-LARffI-aYdXulw3C_6&hc_ref=ARSjlVUEUqxdLsj3WWTPPb1IWDDjgzQFYrI1sRG1VdgnKM5d9gwxknC_81rxECUBU-s&post_id=2957349487649632&dti=985075891543678&hc_location=group
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iPhone 8 -64GB

iPhone 8 -64GB with Facetime Open line, good battery life All sensors working perfectly fine, mobile with charging cable WhatsApp or Call 0551171473
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