Vedaone Family Immunity Saver Pack

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(Turmeric)- Vedaone Turmeric is fast becoming recognized as a health way to promote your immune function. For centuries the eastern world is known about the health-supporting properties of turmeric, and today science continues to uncover a whole host of immune-supporting health benefits.

(Moringa)-Vedaone 750mg Moringa Drumstick Tablets is an Ayurvedic product of Moringa oleifera which is processed using only the finest quality herbs cultivated in the pristine environment. Our standardized tablet provides active levels of Vitamins, minerals and microminerals concentrated in the balanced ratio. Moringa also called Shigru or Shugru is botanically known as Moringa oleifera. Vedaone Moringa Tablets have been formulated in tablet form and manufactured in USDA Organic certified facility.

( Amla)- Vedaone Amala Caplets are highly nutritious and the richest natural source of anti-oxidants. Helps body to build its natural defense system. Helps the body to cope up with stress, and enhances general health and performance.

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